GroupHab Physical Therapy and Wellness   100 Allawood Ct 110 Simpsonville,SC29681   (864) 525-2654
GroupHab Physical Therapy and Wellness
100 Allawood Ct 110
SimpsonvilleSC 29681
 (864) 525-2654

Reviews Of GroupHab Physical Therapy and Wellness

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RonChris Ortscheid
Mar 12, 2018

I am sitting outside GroupHab in my car waiting for my wife to complete her class. I am watching all of the people coming and going, many with canes or even walkers but all had smiles on their faces! Clearly GroupHab is helping so many people maintain or improve their mobility and thus their daily lives. Great work GroupHab! You are making a positive difference in the lives of many!! Thank you May God bless you all as you truly are serving others!!!

Lana Zack
Mar 06, 2018 Hillpine1 Behinddoor#3 175Easton. G1 Amazon Prime Buffalo716.. # ROOMBA EatM0reChicken GroupHab is a wonderful and caring place. Personable attention in all the classes and wonderful one-on-one physical therapy. GroupHab is like being a part of a wonderful family...we all celebrate each other’s accomplishments—no one judges you.

Thieu Ha
Mar 06, 2018

Phylis Edwards
Feb 22, 2018

I have only recently started with Grouphab in Simpsonville, SC and I already see a huge improvement with my chronic lower back pain problem and my inability to move about freely....the board certified geriatric specialist is working hard getting my back, ham strings, muscles, etc., in shape so I can continue my treatments by joining the group exercise classes....I highly recommend Grouphab to anyone with any type of chronic conditions for affordable specialized instructions using physical therapy concepts to manage your for an appointment for an evaluation and let them tell you what they can do to help you, and you will be as amazed as I am at how much better you will more

Carol Senn
Feb 15, 2018

GroupHab has wonderful and knowledgeable doctors and therapists. They are working with me currently on range of motion and strength. I feel great and plan on staying with them and attending a lot of their classes. They are very caring and make sure that the patient is well taken care of.

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